Best Heavy Duty Staplers Reviews

Onotio Heavy Duty Office Desk Stapler
Don’t waste your time with a flimsy stapler that says it can handle more pages than it really can.
This is the boss of office staplers.
Truly heavy duty stapler made of 100% all-metal. Bonus points: makes your desk look a little menacing, so people will leave you alone.
Bostitch Office Antimicrobial 130 Sheet Heavy Duty Stapler
Staples 2 – 130 sheets
No jam technology
All metal construction
Swingline Deluxe Heavy Duty Stapler
Extended capacity – staples up to 160 sheets of 20 lb. paper.
Durable all-metal working components.
Full 2~5/8" throat depth for flexibility and control.

Best heavy duty staplers

There are a lot of things we can do or buy that improve our lives at the office. We purchase comfortable chairs, ergonomic keyboards, and other things that have the potential of making our lives a little better. One of those things can be the best heavy duty stapler. We are very grateful for the regular staplers, but admit it, at some point, you wanted something that could bind together more than 10 or 15 sheets of paper. And that is where the heavy-duty stapler comes in.

The most significant difference between a regular stapler and a heavy duty one is the capacity. While the regular one is used on ordinary jobs, the heavy-duty stapler has the ability to put together a massive amount of paper. Not only that the staples themselves are larger, but the power of a regular stapler would simply not handle let’s say 100 sheets of paper. A heavy duty stapler can.

The benefits of buying a heavy duty stapler

Before wondering how you can benefit from such a stapler, ask yourself when was the last time you needed to put together 90 files and how did you manage. Without a large stapler, of course. The most common answer is that you put them in a folder or in a binder. They are both good choices, but good is only good enough until something better comes up. Here is why you should rely on a heavy duty stapler:

  • They can help you put together a significant number of sheets – not all models you find have the same capabilities, but there are heavy duty staplers that can bind together up to 150 pages. Can you imagine how much that is? If not, let me tell you that that is a lot. A regular staple can barely staple 20 pages, so 150 is way out of its league.
  • They are pretty cheap – in fact, you can get a high-quality heavy duty stapler with only 20$. For the work they do, these staplers sell themselves cheap. Sure, they are more expensive than regular staples but think of the extra work they will be doing.
  • Get rid of bent staples – I think that you know the story. You try to staple more pages together, but the stapler cannot handle it, and you end up breaking your nails trying to remove the broken staple. That will never happen with a heavy duty stapler. They are strong by definition so the staples will not bend.
  • You will never lose documents again – you know when you have a stack of documents, and you put them on your desk but the stack falls, and all your papers are scattered all over the place? You cannot use regular staples because they cannot hold an entire stack. But a heavy duty stapler can fix that for you. All your papers will be held together, and you will never lose one.
  • You can still staple only two sheets of paper – just because heavy duty staplers are designed to staple large stacks of paper, that does not mean they cannot handle anything less. If you want, you can use one just for two pieces of paper. Can the regular stapler go the other way? No, it cannot.
  • Heavy duty staplers are the most durable – because they are meant to do heavy duty work, manufacturers use durable materials when they make them. It is entirely understandable, but that also means you will have a heavy duty stapler for a very long time. Chances of it breaking in the near future are slim to none.

How to choose the best heavy duty stapler?

Just because heavy duty staplers are strong by definition, it does not mean they are all made with high quality in mind. That is why you still need to pay attention to a few things before you make a purchase. Here is what you need to consider:

  • Stapling capabilities – heavy duty staplers are made to staple large stacks of papers, but not all models have the same capabilities. Some of them can use one staple for 90 pages, while others can staple together 150 pages. The choice is yours. You should choose the one that suits your needs. However, I think that it is better to purchase a stapler that can put together 150 pages and not need it than buying one with lower capabilities and then need to staple 150 pages. The point is that it is better to have it and not need it than need it and not have it.
  • Construction – my personal opinion is that there is no place for plastic in heavy duty staplers. Metal is the best material a manufacturer can use. Also, keep in mind that the stapler will not work by itself. You need to put a lot of pressure when you staple 100 pages, which is why the device needs to be sturdy. What can be sturdier than metal?
  • Jam clearing mechanism – it may happen for a staple to become jammed in its chamber. I have to admit that the chances for a heavy duty stapler to jam are slim to none, but if it does happen, you need to have a quick and easy solution. That is why I recommend that you buy a heavy duty stapler that features a jam clearing mechanism.
  • Supply availability – before making a purchase, my advice is to check the size of the staples. If the model uses hard-to-find staples, then you should run in the other direction. You need a stapler that uses standard heavy duty staples. Otherwise, you will spend a lot of time and more money than you should on staples. That is not a good deal, no matter how cheap the staple is.

Keep in mind that you will not be able to staple the same amount of papers with the same staple size. For example, if you need to staple 30 pages, a ¼-inch staple will do, but if you want to staple together 100 pages, you will need a ½ -inch staple. Make sure that your staple can accommodate two or three sizes.

What are the best heavy duty staplers?

Lucky for you, there are a lot of models to choose from. A simple search will unveil countless heavy duty staplers. However, since there are so many, choosing only one may prove to be difficult. Honestly, it would have been easier if there were just a few such products. In the meantime, you need to make a choice, and if you do not wish to bother filtering through the hundreds of staplers, below you will find three excellent suggestions that should make your search a bit easier.

Onotio Heavy Duty Office Desk Stapler

Click here to buy it on Amazon

This heavy duty stapler is one of the best, and you can find three versions. All of them are alike, but the number of sheets that can be stapled differs. You can choose from the 90-sheet stapler, 100 sheets, and 150 sheets. All three will prove to be most useful, and you will not regret your choice if you decide to buy this particular stapler.

People who buy the Onotio heavy duty stapler do not want to waste time on little staplers that cannot handle a heavy duty job. This one can handle a lot of abuse, and it will not break anytime soon. In fact, it is made entirely out of metal, so there are no plastic parts that can crack or break. Nothing can happen to it as long as you use it correctly. You could say that this model is the boss of office staplers.

The Onotio stapler uses four different sizes of staples according to the number of sheets you need to staple together. You have ¼-inch staples for 30 sheets of paper, 5/16-inch for 50, 3/8-inch staples for 70, and ½-inch staples for 100 sheets of paper. The staples are available in almost all office supplies stores and have nearly no chance of jamming. If they do, this model features a front-end jam-clearing mechanism. It will not take long, and you can get back to stapling in a matter of seconds. Overall, this is a fantastic heavy duty stapler that will not let you down. And let’s not forget the fact that it is cheap, but the quality-price ratio is excellent.

Bostitch Office Antimicrobial 130 Sheet Heavy Duty Stapler

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You may have heard about Bostitch as a manufacturer that produces power tools, and indeed they do, but they also make heavy duty office supplies, which is why this stapler comes as no surprise. In fact, the brand is highly appreciated, and I would not mind buying office supplies from them. This heavy duty stapler is one of the best you will ever find, mainly because it is made of steel. Nothing can break it. As long as you do not let it fall from a tall building, this product can handle almost all forms of abuse.

The Bostitch heavy duty stapler can staple from two to 130 sheets of paper. Of course, you need to use different sizes of staples, but it can do it all the same. It uses from ¼-inch to 5/8-inch staples that you can find in office supplies stores. If you want, you can order staples from Bostitch as well. The stapler is top-notch, so there is no reason for the staples to be anything less.

As a bonus, this stapler is covered with an antimicrobial coating. If you put this stapler in an office, for example, there will be a lot of hands touching it, and it can never hurt to protect yourself against germs. I think it would do just fine in a hospital office as well, given the fact that hospital infections are quite common. The no-jam technology makes this stapler easy to use, and you will have no hassle while using it. You can staple papers using an entire chamber of staples, and there will be no breaks.

Swingline Deluxe Heavy Duty Stapler

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Last but not least, the Swingline stapler is the holy grail of staplers. All its components are made of heavy duty steel so you cannot have any doubts regarding its durability, but for your comfort, the manufacturer added a soft-touch handle. That way, your hands will not feel the hard metal, which I think is convenient.

As for capacity, this stapler exceeds both previous products. The Swingline heavy duty stapler can staple up to 160 sheets at once. It is some kind of record if you ask me, but it will do one hell of a job. When you work with so many papers, such a stapler can be a lifesaver. Instead of stapling a few at a time, you can staple all the files at once and be done with it.

Just like the previous two staplers, this too has a front-end jam clearing mechanism. Jams do not happen often, but when they occur, you can easily unjam the device and go on with your business. However, keep in mind that while you can use five different sizes of staples, the manufacturer recommends that you use Swingline staples for a better usage. For example, the standard ¼-inch staples can jam this stapler. In my opinion, this would be an excellent addition to your office, but you can use it at home as well.

My recommendation

I like the idea of having a heavy duty stapler at the office, and even at home, so if I were to choose just one of the three products above, I would go with the Swingline Deluxe Heavy Duty Stapler. It has a fantastic capacity, the staples are easy to find, and it is more than affordable. For the quality you are getting, 20$ is change. That is why I believe this is one of the best heavy duty staplers you can buy.


A heavy duty stapler is a must in an office, which is why I strongly recommend that you purchase one. No matter which one you pick from the models above, I am sure that you will be happy with your choice. Click here to buy on Amazon

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